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Most viewed - Rainbow Bridge
Chili Boy288 viewsEntered Rainbow Bridge 9/2016
Sadie Bug202 viewsSadie Bug went to Rainbow Bridge on June 2nd,2016. She was a foster failure. She always had 2 toys with her at all times.
Nitro and his Binky 03/2014-07/27/16174 viewsFreshwater Cove, Gloucester, MA 2015
Forever in Our Hearts142 viewsWolfie, Bear, and Bandit. Bear was our first ABMR rescue, and was loved beyond all reason and he in turn loved us beyond all reason.
Forever in Our Hearts140 viewsABMR rescue Bear, Bandit, and Wolfie. Bear and Wolfie both went to puppy heaven this year. We were very blessed to share some time with them, and miss them every day.
Forever in Our Hearts139 viewsThis is Bear. We usually called him by his nickname, Foompa. He was the sweetest, most gentle, most intelligent, most driven, and most loving dog we've ever had. He will forever remain in our hearts and in our thoughts.
Haley S Christmas 2015138 viewsStill giving me that sweet smile, just before her 14th birthday. Haley was my first ABMR malinois, I remember beaming ear to ear when I adopted her. We shared many adventures and many travels. Agility, obedience, rally and nosework titles, she could do it all. Fun, smart and sassy, RIP sweet girl.
Wolfie138 viewsSubmitted for George Reinhart
Susie138 viewsI believe Susie passed in Dec 2015, hope that is okay. George Reinhart was her foster/adopter.
Forever in Our Hearts138 viewsABMR rescue Bear and Wolfie. Now they are playing together in heaven.
Haley S 14th B-day 2015136 viewsMy beloved Haley, Dec. 30, 2015. She humored me with the photos, but she wasn't feeling so good. She went to the rainbow bridge 3 weeks after this photo, telling me it was time. She lived life to the fullest, proud and strong and smart as a whip. 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' was her theme song, and we embraced it in everything we did!
Haley S Memorial136 viewsHaley passed in January 2016, my soulmate, my friend. My sister-in-law sent me the lovely memorial, so fitting for my best friend. It says it all. Thank you ABMR for the gift of my special Haley.
Wolfie Outside135 viewsSubmitted for George Reinhart
Savannah134 viewsDecember 5, 2000 - December 8, 2014
Jackson134 views1997 - May 1, 2009
Dansca129 viewsDansca
She was the most calm, loving and gentle Malinois, I have ever come across.
Rescued 2003. Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2012 after a short battle with lymphoma. Miss you every day baby girl!
Koa 4/30/06 - 10/30/15113 views
Sidney 2105 viewsModeling for Pet Edge
Kenzie 105 viewsfoster failure passed away 12/31/14
ABMR Angel 2000-2015102 viewsAngel was rescued in Baltimore in 2008. We adopted her the next year at age 9, and she was a beloved family member for over six years.
Meesha102 viewsMeesha - adopted as a senior, and despite the odds, blossomed into good health and happiness. Loved by all who met her.
Chips101 viewsMiss you everyday!!

Chips101 viewsSnoozin'
Iske101 views2001 - 2016. Our fearless leader, and the dog that got me hooked on this malinois rescue thing. She's keeping all the mals at the rainbow bridge in order, well behaved, and conflict free. Or else.
Decan 11/15/06-12/4/10101 views
Sidney 1100 viewsModel for Pet Edge in his younger days.
Sidney 2100 viewsModeling for Pet Edge
Sidney 3100 viewsMore modeling
Sidney 497 viewsMore modeling
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