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ABMR 2017 Calendar Entries
Experience some of the delight, joy and pleasure of the Malinois as you visit the calendar submissions by our volunteers and adopters.
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ABMR 2018 Calendar Entries
It's that time again to show all the enjoyment, and yes the comfort owning a Malinois gives you. Submit your photos for the 2018 Calendar.
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ABMR Alumni "Jazzee" 128 viewsHer new sleeping position, I call her the "Maliconda"! As is (Anaconda) lol!! Name suggested by Carol Cordeau Young.
Zeke97 viewsZeke, Abamar alumni 2013, practicing his turnover in the middle of Mom's freshly made bed! Who needs a dog bed when you have a temperpedic handy!?
Barnhunt HIC portrait134 viewsPing modeling her first High in Class rosette in Barn Hunt
Rocky157 viewsRescued in Houston where he lost the sight in his right eye and most of his left, but it doesn't slow him down! He's a gentle soul.
Jasmine Practicing The Cha-Cha138 viewsRolling in the grass is a blast!
124 viewsSadie- adopted June 2016
T'Pol says 'My ball, my pool, my rules!'140 views
Patriotic Jaina91 views
135 viewsSadie with Tiger
RATCH ResQ's Hunt For Red October RN101 viewsPing prepares to hit on a rat in a Masters Barn Hunt run

Last additions
ABMR Alum Bear396 viewsSnoozing with his toyOct 09, 2017
ABMR Alum Bear 379 viewsGimme that treat ma! Oct 09, 2017
ABMR alum Bear300 viewsBear after doing some training! Oct 09, 2017
Foster Phenix307 viewsHead tiltOct 08, 2017
Ranger, Foster Phenix, and Gripp306 viewsThese guys are ready for their treat before bedtime.Oct 08, 2017
ABMR Alum Amazing Grace290 viewsWe adopted Grace through ABMR in late June 2016. This was a photo of her first Kentucky snowfall early 2017. Her look said, "What's taking so long Mom? The snow's going to melt and I'm waiting for someone to throw the Chuck-It ball. Get a move on!" We are so grateful for the joy she brings to our life.Oct 08, 2017
ABMR Alumni Ryker the Shark!309 viewsOct 08, 2017
ABMR Alumni Ryker 284 viewsOct 08, 2017
ABMR Alumni Ryker293 viewsOct 08, 2017
ABMR Simba272 viewsABMR Simba - adopted July 2009. Went to the Rainbow Bridge June 2017Oct 08, 2017